Electronic Data Interchange

So you've heard it said a thousand times, "EDI it's the way to go.", "EDI is the future", "forget the mail and overnight services... send it EDI".  So what is it?  EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange... so what right?  It means any thing that communicates from one electronic gadget to another.  So your TV is an EDI device.  It receives an electronic signal and communicates that signal to you! 

When EDI is thrown around in regard to internet stuff, it usually means a way to replace hard copy document exchange with electronic document exchange.  In our world that means the internet and that boils down to email.  The upshot?  SREA can email you a complete report, plat maps, location maps, county data sheets, deeds, report pages, photos, the whole shoot'n match right to your desktop.

How?  Well don't sweat our end. What you need is a free program, access to the internet and an email program.  (Tip: If you're reading this, you have internet access)  We use a process from Adobe that creates a document in a ".pdf" format (Portable Document Format).  Adobe pioneered Adobe Acrobat Reader, and makes the reader available for

When you request that your report be delivered EDI, you'll receive an email from one of us @srea.net and it will have an attachment.  A little picture that says report#.pdf  That is your appraisal report.  You can then open it by double clicking.  You can read the pages on-screen, print them, save them, and then forward the document to the next lender or colleague as you see fit.  One thing you can't do is modify the report,  of course.  We strongly recommend you try this once, even if we mail a hard copy as well.  We believe once you get accustomed to getting your documents via this method, you'll never go back. If you would like to read an article regarding EDI from a past newsletter, just click here.

EDI Step by Step

  1. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Request EDI report delivery.
  3. Receive email with report attachment.
  4. Double click attachment.
  5. Review appraisal report on screen.  Print copies as needed.
  6. Use "save as" under File on the menu to save report to local
    hard drive.
  7. Smile :-)

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